Hello World!

I am a Software Engineer specialized in λ functional programming,
writing strongly-typed code in HaskellScala ⇒ reproducible builds via Nix.


I worked in different industries such as Gaming, Fintech, Gambling, IoT, Real State, Video Chats and Streaming. My professional career started out in Argentina in 2009 and I have been living and working abroad ever since early 2015 in different countries in Europe and Asia.

I enjoy taking on technical challenges and anything that involves concurrency, parallelism and distributed systems.



I've mainly given talks about Haskell, Scala and Nix, both at conferences and city meetups.



These are some of the open source projects I worked on.

Name Description
Dconf2nix Convert Dconf files (Gnome Shell) to Nix, as expected by Home Manager
Dorado Generic golden testing library with support for MUnit and Weaver
Fs2 Rabbit RabbitMQ stream-based client built on top of Fs2
Http4s JWT Auth Opinionated JWT authentication library for Http4s
Http4s Tracer End-to-end tracing system for Http4s
Neovim-flake Nix flake for Neovim with configuration options highly focused on Scala 3
Neutron Purely functional Apache Pulsar client for Scala built on top of Fs2
Nix-config My NixOS configuration files, home-manager, neovim, etc.
PFPS Examples Standalone examples from the "Practical FP in Scala" book
PFPS Shopping Cart The application developed in the "Practical FP in Scala" book
PostgreSQL Resilient Automatic re-connection support for PostgreSQL (Haskell)
Redis4Cats Purely functional Redis client for Cats Effect & Fs2
Sbt Nix G8 template, docs and examples on managing Scala projects with Nix
Split Morphism Split Epimorphisms and Monomorphisms for Haskell
Supernova Apache Pulsar client for Haskell


Sometimes I blog at gvolpe.com/blog, check it out!